Value added Courses

Convenor - Dr. Rini Pundir
Co-convenor - Dr. Rajesh Kumar Meena
Members- Mr. Amrit Anurag & Ms. Mamata

Value added course joint venture with various organizations facilitates the students as well as the faculty to keep pace with the latest technologies pertaining to their chosen field of studies. It is important for higher education institutions to supplement the curriculum to make students better prepared to meet industry demands as well as develop their own interests and aptitudes. Our college offers a wide variety of short term and also long term certificate courses which are conducted after class hours or during semester breaks. These courses are conducted by professionals and industry experts and help students stand apart from the rest in the job market by adding further value to their carriers. Working towards this objective, our college periodically conducts training's, lectures and various other programs for the wellness of the students. Via value added course we have offered such type of programme where in the students are getting trained well. From the expertise our students gain knowledge through the value added programme, which will enable them to face the formidable challenges of the future. Many students have been benefited every year. Value added course provide the opportunity for training as well as guidance of the students on the various aspects of building a career and to assist them in exploring new opportunities. VACs cultivate an urge amongst the students and position them to turn into flamboyant professional on the latest trends and rally their technical skills in advanced manner. To keep pace with the requirements for NAAC our college started with two value added courses in the odd semester.

These courses offer our students an edge over others and have the following advantages:
  • • Augments aptitude skills, technical knowledge, ability to think and innovate
  • • Exposure to recent trends in the core field, augmenting the employability of the graduates
  • • Strives to inculcate fundamental problem solving skills to encourage the students and make them understand the use of modern research tools.
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