Department Profile
History was the subject amongst other courses which was introduced in the year of inception of the college in 1967. B.A. History Honours was introduced within three years (1970-1971) of the establishment of the college. The department has a History Society named DHAROHAR which organizes various awareness programmes related to historical learning and also organizes trips for the students in and around Delhi.
From a philosophical perspective, the past is inaccessible to us or as far as it is accessible, it is at least not available to us in the same way the present is available to us. History is a creation; it is not mere copying.The idea of history is that we can actually learn more about the past, one of asking questions and further questions based on their tentative answers.
Scope of the Subject
As a history graduate one will have gained skills highly valued by employers such as analytical and critical reasoning, oral and written communication and research skills. A history degree is a good launch pad for a wide range of careers.