Proctorial Committee

Kalindi College has a Proctorial system where administration of student’s related matters pertaining to all acts of indiscipline are delegated to the Proctorial Board. The Proctorial Board of Kalindi College is chiefly responsible for ensuring that rules and regulations framed by College are being followed by the students. The Proctorial Board is headed by the Proctor. The Proctorial Board of Kalindi College is a strong body of ten members in Core Committee and eleven members in extended committee. Cases of indiscipline or indecent behavior of any student, cases of individual/ group harassment, threats, manhandling etc. are dealt strictly by the Proctorial Board. Students are responsible for their conduct to the Principal and are prohibited from doing anything that will amount to breach of discipline or interference in college. Students are liable to disciplinary action for violation of any of the rules of discipline which may be warning/fine/suspension from college.

Some specific responsibilities of the Proctorial Board are as follows:

  • To maintain discipline in the college and to ensure that college rules are understood and followed.
  • To keep an eye on the general moral behavior of the students.
  • To prevent students from disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the college.
  • To prevent students from indulging in any political activities on college premises.
  • To ensure that each student prominently displays her identity card during her stay in college premises.
S.No. Name
1. Dr. Chaity Das, Convenor
2. Dr. Indu Chaudhary, Co-Convenor
3. Dr. Anjani Kumar
4. Dr. Hemant Raman Ravi
5. Dr. Anita Tagore
6. Dr. Renu Gupta
7. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh(Hindi)
8. Dr. (Mrs.) Mukesh
9. Dr. Sanawar Soham
10. Dr. Nisha Bakshi
11. Dr. Arti Singh
12. Dr. Deepak Yadav
13. Dr. Ram Sarik Gupta
14. Ms. Gunjan Verma
15. Dr. Richa Sanskrit