Internal Assessment

ORDINANCE VIII-E: Internal Assessment

25% of the maximum marks in each paper in undergraduate courses shall be assigned for Internal Assessment and the remaining 75% marks for the annual/semester University Examination; the time duration and other modalities of the annual/semester Examination with respect to this 75% component shall remain as per existing schemes of examination for various undergraduate courses.

  • There shall be 10% weight age assigned to House Examinations to be conducted by each college, for all subjects in Pass course and B.Sc. (General) and all papers of the main Subject in Honours courses. The duration of each paper in the House Examination shall be the same as the duration in the University Examination. The maximum marks for each paper of the House Examination shall be 100 or the same as the maximum marks in the corresponding University Examination.
  • Each student shall be assessed on the basis of written assignments/tutorials as well as on the basis of project reports/term papers/seminars. There shall be 10% weight age for such written assignment; and project reports/presentations/term papers/seminars. Each student shall be given at least one written assignment per paper in each term, subject to a maximum of 12 written assignments per year for all the papers taken together.
  • here shall be 5% weight age for regularity in attending lectures and tutorials, and the credit for regularity in each paper, based on attendance, shall be as follows:

More than 67% but less than 70% : 1 mark
70% or more but less than 75% : 2 marks
75% or more but less than 80% : 3 marks
80% or more but less than 85% : 4 marks
85% and above : 5 marks