Department Profile

The Department of Geography was established in 1995, under BA (Programme) Course. In order to broaden the horizon of understandings about the Geographical studies, the College started B.A. (Honours) course in Geography in 2017 under CBCS mode. The Department of Geography has always committed for excellence. Along with the theoretical framework, the department has established well-equipped Cartography laboratory and GIS Lab to learn and enhance their skills through practical applications in the fields of Cartography, Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS. Cartography and GIS Lab is equipped with many equipment including Stereoscope, GPS, Rotameter, Plannemeter, Geographical Model, Satellite Imageries, Aerial Photograph, Toposheets etc. The Department of Geography has prepared 3-D and 2-D map of the College which helps the students and commuters to get location of teaching and non-teaching places within the college campus.

The department conduct annual Geo Fest- Resurgence in which the students and experts from various universities and colleges participates in academic deliberation to enhance academic interaction. The society has its own e-magazine “GEOSOPHY” which is edited and maintain by its executive members.

Department of Geography runs a certificate course on Travel & Tourism with the objective to educate, train and develop the needed skills to prepare students to be valuable for travel and tourism industry and to provide them with alternative career opportunities.

The Department of Geography is looking after the functioning of Paper Recycle Unit installed in our college campus. As a matter of fact, this unit utilizes the waste paper accumulated from various departments as raw material and prepared recycled paper which can be used for various purposes.


The Scope of the Course cover the field such as Geomorphology, Cartographic Techniques, Human Geography, Thematic Cartography, Climatology, Statistical Methods in Geography, Geography of India, Economic Geography, Environmental Geography, Field Work and Research Methodology, Regional Planning and Development, Remote Sensing and GIS, Evolution of Geographical Thought and Disaster Management based Project Work. The prospect of this course lies in Survey of India, Space application centre, Urban and rural development departments, Metropolitan development corporation, Social and environmental research organizations. This course makes a sound foundation for the students willing the perusing higher education in the discipline of Geography, Geology, Metrology and Urban and Regional Planning.

After completion of undergraduate programs in Geography, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the earth as an integrated human-environment system by examining changing interactions at different spatial and temporal scales.
  • To understand the subject matter of various branches of physical and human geography.
  • To analyze geographical data and interpret its significance within the context of human-environment relations.
  • Communicate geographical concepts and data effectively using oral, written and visual forms.
  • Contribute effectively to pursue innovative solutions to human-environment problems.
  • Investigate complex real world challenges using appropriate concepts, methods, and tools from one or more geographical sub-disciplines.
  • Explain societal relevance of geographical knowledge and apply it to real world human-environment issues.