Department Profile

The Department of Zoology started in 1967 since the inception of College. This Department has been working as the integral part from the very beginning of various courses in the college that come under Bachelor of Science General for Life Science streams. This Department has remained engaged actively in the successful journey of these programs and has started B.Sc. (H) Zoology since 2017-18, after erstwhile FYUP in Zoology.

Zoology is the study of animals wherein the student receives a highly comprehensive exposure to all levels of animal function and their diversity. As a subject it creates enormous interest in us as we are also part of the animal kingdom. Thus, understanding the development and evolution of animals help us to explore ourselves better. In this stream, students delve at a deeper level about how animals are integral component of the ecosystem. Animals also have a major impact on our economy either as a competing for our food or as parasites influencing the quality of public health.

The knowledge of animal forms and their physiological function opens the gateway to applications in a number of exciting and innovative fields. In recent years, the study of both fundamental and applied Zoology has induced a keen interest in students, researchers and animal science-based industries. This subjects have been able to grab the attention of the academic world and have motivated scientists to work towards biodiversity conservation, formulating ecological safeguards and to apply Biotechnology & Bioinformatics to the field of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical sciences.

After completing Bachelors in Zoology, a large number of higher education avenues open up for the students as they are eligible for:

  • Master of Science Degree in Zoology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Microbiology, Genetics, Wildlife and various fields of Conservatory Sciences, Health Sciences,etc.
  • Research Training and Ph.D. -A student of Zoologycanpursue research training and Ph.D. at renowned National and International Institutions.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowships- a large number of students also go in for research as Post- Doctoral Fellows in various Universities and Institutes all over the world.
  • Assistant Professorships- in various Colleges or University Departments after completion of Ph. D.
  • Teachers- after completing Masters in Zoology followed by Bachelor Degree in Education (B. Ed).
  • Scientists- various funding agencies especially UGC, DST and DBT offers a number of Women’s Scientist positions, particularly aimed at motivating more women to take up research positions.
  • Indian Administrative and Indian Forest services- a graduate student may seek their career in Indian Administration Services as a Civil Servant and Forest Officer after qualifying civil service examination with Zoology as main subject.
  • Jobs/Services: A Zoologist is also in demand in agriculture, fisheries and other industries related to animal husbandry. They can also opt for areas like veterinary sciences, pharmaceuticals, technical and/or research assistance in laboratories, museums, scientific organizations and scientific journalism. They also have other non-science options open to them like pursuing management, marketing and sales etc.