Department Profile
The Department of English at Kalindi College, University of Delhi is one of its oldest departments, offering Honours courses since 1988. The most singular feature of this department is its commitment towards the holistic growth of its students with its insistence on paying close attention to the students' mental, emotional and intellectual well-being. Fine-tuning its methods and thus constantly revisiting the pedagogic practices for the students to be at home in a discipline that is in a way nurtured by the very lack of disciplinary identity, the emphasis is on creating a space that befits the needs of the students to learn and grow. It consists of an outstanding faculty whose areas of expertise and research are wide and varied to include Post-Coloniality, Gender Studies, Theory of the Novel, Partition literature, Dalit Writing, Literatures of the North-East, Folklore, Children’s Literature, Fourth World Literature, Culture Studies and Critical Theory, to name a few. Moreover, it has experts in English language teaching whose excellence lies in teaching the students to learn to articulate themselves better and thus enable them to hear their own voices and work their ways toward self-expression. It prides itself on having a pool of extremely talented and creative students who have brought accolades for the institution in both Academic and Co-Curricular activities. The Department works to inculcate a spirit of collaboration and collegiality between faculty members and students thus looking to achieve wholesome progress at all levels.
Career Opportunities
Armed with a degree in English, a wide scope of careers is open to students, namely, Academics (Language, Literature, Linguistics, Art, History, Gender & Cultural studies, etc.); Media and Journalism; Civil Services; Fine arts and Performing Arts; Writing/Publishing; Law; Human Resources Departments in MNCs; MBA, etc.