Department Profile
The Physics Department was established in 1990 in Kalindi College. The department caters to B.Sc. (H) Physics and B.Sc. Physical Science (Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics) and is continuously upgrading itself according to the changing curriculum and needs of the time, from Annual to Semester to CBCS to UGCF-2022 (based on NEP) systems. Despite limitations of resources, the collective efforts of students, laboratory staff and teachers have delivered wonderful results with continual increase in the number of students scoring 90% and above in different papers. To encourage their efforts, various prizes like Ram Gopal Joshi Memorial Prize, Shanti Devi Bhatnagar Memorial Prize, Ram Murthy Gupta Memorial Prize, Ankur Memorial Prize, Shiv Paul Goel Memorial Prize, Asha Arora Memorial Prize etc. have been instituted for Physics (H) / Physical Science students.   It is a matter of great pride that our Physics (Hons.) and Physical Science students are getting placements both in private and public sector as well as teaching positions in schools, colleges and polytechnics. The goal of the Physics department is to nurture young talents, to focus on standards, assessment and outcomes, and to ensure that all students learn in a more powerful way. We also find ways to motivate our students to scale greater heights than ever before.