Department Profile

With a vision to prepare students for the challenging yet endearing field of Media, the Journalism Department of Kalindi College was established in the year 1995, and since then has been the trademark grace of Kalindi. The Journalism Society of Kalindi College is dedicated towards developing a worldview that incorporates a holistic method of inquiry for the greater good of society. It is designed to train young minds to investigate events that eventually become an integral part of national development.

The Department espouses and instills ideas of professional ethics and standards among budding journalists. The Journalism Society also encourages a participative environment so that students feel free to interact with their peers as well as with experts in the field. Workshops, seminars, talks and interactions with film-makers, cinematographers, senior journalists, and professors are a regular feature of the departmental activities. To enable students to experience a journalist's world, field visits to press and broadcast agencies are encouraged. The students have also produced radio programmes for Delhi University Community Radio (DUCR 90.4 MHz). Internships with media houses is also an integral part of the curricular activities. The students also produce films, radio and video documentaries, advertisements and other audiovisual products, some of which have either been nominated or won awards at various film and documentary competitions held at colleges and at festivals.

Scope of the Subject

In today’s information society, the creation, integration, interpretation, dissemination and use of information are significant to achieve socio-economic-political goals. Hence the role played by the media industry in our lives is crucial. Media creates a marketplace for competing ideas that are the bases of a democratic system like ours, and provides ample avenues for the young generation to participate and contribute to society. If you are sharp and have a sense of responsibility towards society, this is the field for you.

The Department of Journalism offers Bachelors with Honours in Journalism, a compact professional course for students under which the college acts as the facilitator to meticulously give shape to the aspirations of students through all-round skill enhancement.

  • This professional course prepares you to enter the world of print and electronic media.
  • After a bachelor’s degree in this discipline, you may pursue a postgraduate course in Journalism and Mass Communication and subsequently, find careers in the media industry or in the field of academics.
  • A student can go on to pursue a career in script writing, video journalism, photography, advertising and public relations, publishing, film-making, radio-jockeying, media planning, etc.