Department Profile

The Department of Economics as a part of Kalindi College came into existence in 1967. The subject was first offered in B.A (Programme). Then from 1985 onwards B.A Hons in Economics was offered to the students.

The study of Economics as a discipline encourages analytical thinking and a pragmatic approach to Economic problem. In addition to providing a strong foundation in Economic theory, the focus is on issues specific to the Indian context. The process of rational decision making taught in Economics is of great value irrespective of the career a person chooses.


It provides a platform for varied vocations like IES, IAS, MBA, MFC, etc. those with an inclination towards banking and marketing can join their analytics team; while more academically oriented students can pursue M.A. and Ph.D. The Civil Services, RBI and the Niti Ayog are still very popular pursuits for those interested in administration and framing economic policies. Today, students of Economic are in demand in prestigious international organizations like the World Bank, IMF, UN etc.