Triangular Park


Establishment of an aquatic microcosm in low lying area of the College premises for demonstration purposes of this ecosystem in addition to land reclamation

In-house Project under fund received for Antardhwani-2015-16, for Good Academic Practices

We have established a freshwater pond in the College premises which will be host to both aquatic flora and fauna as well as microorganisms. This biodiversity can be employed to understand their survival strategies under stressed conditions in experiments set up by the undergraduate students of the College under research projects.

Moreover the development of this freshwater aquatic ecosystem will address a perennial problem faced by the College. The area selected for this aquatic system is low lying land which is difficult to maintain especially in the monsoon. It collects water which stagnates and collects other biotic and abiotic debris causing hygiene as well as maintenance issues. Filling it up is an additional economic burden on the College but using this area in the proposed manner will not only eradicate the problem but will also enhance the ambience of the College. We therefore offer this as a solution which can also be a contribution to the ongoing Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan.

Objectives Achieved:
  1. Construction of the freshwater aquatic system
  2. Arrangement of water and water pumps
  3. Selection of the aquatic flora and fauna
  4. Introduction of selected aquatic life into the pond
  5. Developing strategy for maintenance
  6. Maintenance schedule prepared
Plants introduced are
  1. Hydrilla
  2. Nymphaea (Water lily)
Fishes introduced are:
  1. Cyprinus carpio (Koi carp)
  2. Channa
  3. Gambusia affinis