Skill, Innovation and Incubation Centre

A joint effort of Incubation Centre, Garden Committee and IQAC

Theme: "An Initiative through natural remedies"

An incubation centre with the theme "An Initiative through Natural Remedies" was started by Dr. Varsha Singh (Convener) in association with Garden Committee and IQAC in 2019. The centre was inaugurated by Mr. Sunil Kumar Gautam, Special Police Commissioner. The main purpose of this centre is to create awareness of the students towards green and clean environment and also to acquaint the society about air purifying and medicinal plants which are beneficial to lower the environmental pollution and enhance health status. The incubation centre was started with a theme of growing air purifying plants (Aloe vera, Areca Palm, Money plant, Tulsi, spider plant, snake plant and many others) already present in the college, through vegetative propagation and selling them within the college. The work was appreciated by many and also got media attention. The main aim to start this incubation centre is to encourage and to make enable our students to get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship, to learn and promote innovation driven activities at the College and in future to provide comprehensive and integrated platform with multifaceted support including space, mentoring, training programs, networking and an array of other benefits. To keep the account of plants sold a register has being maintained with the name of purchaser, type of plants purchased and the amount along with their feedback recorded for the betterment of incubation centre. The till date profit obtained through this centre has been submitted to the account office. More air purifying and medicinal plants have been planted and their vegetative propagation was maintained but due to the pandemic situation the work cannot be continued.