In-House Projects

In-House Projects
Convenor: Dr. Ruchi Tyagi
Members: Dr. Punita Verma (Convener, Research Committee),
Dr. Varsha Singh (Science Representative),
Dr. Pankaj Kumar (Commerce Representative),
Dr. Rakhee Chauhan (Convener, IQAC).

Research Projects Allocation Committee invited research projects from all the departments of the college. With due approval from the Governing Body of the College, total 26 Projects (including 06 Inter-disciplinary Projects) were allocated. Nine Research projects of 2018-19 were extended for 2019-20.

Externally Funded Projects
S.No. Discipline Topic Principal Investigators Duration
1 Computer Science Applications of Data Analytics in Education Ms. Shalini Sharma
Ms. Arokia Ramya
2 Chemistry Synthesis of ZnO Nanomaterial by Precipitation Method and Characterization for Photocatalytic degradation of Contaminants in water Dr. Aprajita Gaur,
Dr. Swati Aggarwal,
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
3 Physics Investigation of Mechanics Problems through Computer Simulation using Scilab Dr. Monika Bassi
Dr. Rashmi Menon
Ms. Varsha
Dr. Majhar Ali
Dr. Sudha Gulati
4 Physics Study of Electrical behavior of Metal‐ Semiconductor Contacts for UV Photodetectors Dr. Sudha Gulati
Dr. Savita Sharma
Dr. Monika Bassi
5 Physics A pedagogical approach towards understanding techniques for accelerator-based experiments Dr. Punita Verma 2019-2020
6 Physics Carbon Nanotube (CNT) based gas sensors, effect of gas adsorption and their selective gas sensing properties Dr Rachana Kumar
Dr Seema Gupta
Mr Ankur Anand
7 Physics Propagation Characterization of Metamaterial based Waveguides Dr. Pushpa Bindal
Dr. Triranjita
8 Zoology Reinvigorate the Butterfly Conservatory Dr. Varsha Singh
Dr. M. Rojina
9 Zoology Linking urban green spaces with potential carbon stock Dr. Varsha Singh
Dr. Mamta Tripathy
10 Economics The Impact of Mudra Yojna on Employment in Delhi Dr. Anjali Bansal
Mrs. Anita
Dr. Shalini Aggarwal
11 Economics Experiments in Economics: An analysis of Theory and Evidence Dr. Punam Tyagi
Dr. Indu Chaudhary
Ms. Pummy Yadav
12 Economics Rationing Constraints in Indian Rural Credit Market and Farmer Suicides Dr. Indu Choudhary
Mr. Rohit Kumar
13 English Portrayal of Gender Stereotypes across Different Cultures: Analyzing gender stereotyping in children’s literature Ms. Monica Zutshi
Ms. Shipra Gupta
14 Journalism The Third Gender: Breaking Stereotypes and Exploring Opportunities for the Transgender Communities in Delhi Dr. Sunita, (PI)
Mr. Gaurav Kumar,
Ms. Ritika Pant
15 Mathematics Mathematical Modeling of Natural Resources and its Impacts on Future Population Growth in India Ms. Neelam Bareja
Dr. Prem Pal
16 Mathematics A Study on Differential Equations used in daily life Ms. Anshu Chutani, Dr. Indarpal Singh, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Ms. Garima Gaur 2019-2020
17 Mathematics Applications of Cryptography Ms. Anju Rattan Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh Mr. Sanjay Kumar Dr. Tajender Kumar 2019-2020
18 Political Science Women’s Political Participation and Decision-Making Power in Northeast India: An Analysis of Election Results of Seven States Dr. Rakhee Chauhan Dr. Meena Charanda 2019-2020
19 Political Science Empowering Dalit Women Elected Representatives (DWERs) in Local Governance Dr. Seema Mathur Dr. Meena Charanda 2019-2020
20 Sanskrit Kalidas ke Sahitya Main Samajik Jeevan ka Yatharth Chitran Dr. Deshraj 2019-2020
21 Commerce Environmental Awareness in Micro and Small Enterprises (Services) of Karol Bagh Commercial Area, New Delhi Dr. Pankaj Kumar 2018-2020
22 Economics Economics of Happiness: Are rich countries happier than poor countries across country? Comparative study based on panel data Dr. Indu Choudhary Ms. Madhuri Singh Ms. Phunchok Dolker 2018-2020
23 History Impact of Pollution on Historical Monuments Dr. Rini Pundhir
Ms. Richa Mani
24 Music Sufi Sangeet Evam Sahitya Mrs. Renu Gupta
Ms. Anuradha Kotiyal
25 Botany Green Synthesise of Gold Nanoparticles from Leaf Extract of Rhoeo Discolor and Study its Antimicrobial Properties Dr. Divya Verma
Dr. Naghma Praveen
26 Botany Documentation and Identification of Pollens Found in Kalindi College Dr. Sudesh Bhardwaj 2018-2020
27 Zoology An Educational Exposition of Bottle Vertical Garden System Dr. K. Vandana Rani
Dr. Shanuja Beri
28 Economics & Physics Scientific solution of manual scavenging and social Dr. Indu Chaudhary
Dr. Punita Verma
29 Physics & Zoology Student Wellness: A Strategy for Students Success through Medico- Physiological and Life Style Patterns Assessment Dr. Punita Varma
Dr. Tarkeshwar
Dr. Varsha Singh
30 Economics & Computer Science Project Weran Dr. Indu Chaudhary
Dr. Ponam Tyagi
Dr. Shalini Sharma
31 Hindi & Physics Dr. Punita Varma
Dr. Raksha Gita
32 Physics & Journalism An Exposition to e- content development for undergraduate students Dr. Pushpa Bindal
Dr. Triranjita Srivastava
Ms. Salma Rahman
33 Sanskrit & Hindi Madhyakaleen Bhartiya Sahitya main Stri Rachnakaaron ke yogdaan ka Adhyayan Dr. Deshraj
Dr. Vibha Thakur
34 Commerce, Computer Science & B.Voc. Web Designing Placement Portal Kalindi College Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Mr. Rajeev
Kumar Rai
Ms. Shalini Sharma
35 History& Journalism Cinematic Representation of Women in Popular Period Films of Bollywood Dr. Rini Pundhir
Mr. Ezra John
Ms. Richa Mani