Butterfly Park

Anthropogenic habitat destruction due to urbanization is leading to the loss of natural habitats, subsequently leading to the loss of butterflies in the urban setup. A small initiative to conserve butterflies has been taken up by Kalindi College through an Innovation project KC-305 granted under Innovation project scheme of University of Delhi. The current project attempts to bridge this gap and makes an effort towards urban greening, which would be a welcome effort for sensitizing the social setup towards nature conservation. Presence of diverse butterfly composition acts as indicator of healthy environmental condition and thereby assists in biological research and biodiversity conservation. During the process of making the conservatory, we have encountered around 18-19 species, interestingly which were not visible in the area earlier.

Inaugrated by Dr. B.P.Nilratna IAS (Retd.), Former Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India 0n 19th Feburary 2016.
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