computer science

Academic Society


Convenor: Dr. Nidhi Arora

Co-Convenor: Dr. Reena Jain and Ms. Arokia Ramya

President: Ritika Tyagi, B.Sc(H) Computer Science 3rd year

Vice President: Shreya Thapliyal, B.Sc(H) Computer Science 3rd year The office bearers for the current session 2020-2021 are as follows:

Post Name of the Member Course & Year
President Ritika Tyagi 3rd year, B.Sc(H) Computer Science
Vice-President Shreya Thapliyal 3rd year, B.Sc(H) Computer Science
Treasurer Yuthika Pant 3rd year, B.Sc(H) Computer Science
General Secretary Somiya Bhardawaj 2nd year, B.Sc(H) Computer Science
Joint Secretary Preeti Jangra 2nd year, B.Sc(H) Computer Science
Creative Head Sonakshi Bhardwaj 2nd year, B.Sc(H) Computer Science
Creative Head Hansika Saxena 2nd year, B.Sc(H) Computer Science

About Sattva:

Sattva is the Computer Science Society of the Kalindi College which came into existence in September 2020. As the name 'Sattva' propounds, the objective is to develop the overall personality of the students from B.Sc(H) Computer Science and B.Sc Physical Science. It is a group of computer enthusiasts; a student body dedicated to the advancement in technology as well as other fields in life. The purpose of Sattva is to mould the younger minds in a better shape and to prepare them for uncertainties in the future. The team displays a unique quality making Sattva implacable!

Sattva organizes various fun and innovative activities all around the year which includes:

  • Intercollege fest: which consists of various competitions for both tech and non- tech students and witness huge participation from different background across many Delhi colleges and within Kalindi too.
  • Seminars: On latest emerging trends in Computer Science to provide an insight for the same.
  • Group Discussions: On role of personality development in career growth and various other topics.
  • Monthly activities: Such as quizzes, movie making, paper presentation and poster making competitions.
  • Sattva also provides various free resources and useful content related to Computer Science through social media handlers so as to connect with the students.

Prior to September 2020, this academic society was known as PhysCom Society, which was a joint venture of Computer Science and Physics department.