National Festivals

Independence day celebration by Kalindi College
Convener: Dr. Rini Pundir (Department of History)
Academic Calendar 2020-21

Like every year, this year too, Department of History, took initiative of organizing 74th year of Independence Day on August 15, 2020. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, physical presence in college was impossible and, so, virtual platform was chosen to celebrate our freedom from two hundred years of shackles from British paramountcy. Chief Guest for this occasion was retired IRS, Shri H. P. Kain (Chief Commissioner Income Tax), along with Dr. Anjula Bansal, Principal, teaching, non-teaching staffs and students were cordially invited. The ceremony started at 10:30 AM. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, unfurled flag in tricolour was shown and all in unison bowed our head listening to the tune of National Anthem and expressed love and joy of our freedom. The function was commenced by Dr. Rini Pundir, Convener, who after introducing both Principal Ma’am and Shri H. P. Kain, shared her views on the significance of the day. Thereafter requested our respected Principal Ma’am to say a few words to the August gathering.

Dr. Anjula Bansal, in her address welcomed the gathering presented online and also introduced the Chief Guest. In her speech she discussed the role of patriots who valiantly donated their lives to attain freedom. She also praised corona warriors who are working non-stop to save and protect people from this virus. Last but not the least she saluted those unsung heroes who were posted at strategic locations to protect India from the thirst of military aggrandizement. After her speech got over Dr Rini Pundir invited Shri H. P. Kain to share his thoughts on this auspicious occasion. He, in his speech discussed about the nature of political leaders and how beneficial it was to elect right person as leader of the masses. Furthermore, he underlined importance of ‘Atmanirvar,’ or Self-sufficient Bharat which eventually would aide India to outshine in agriculture, education and other prominent sectors. In concomitant with this, he highlighted the contributions made by the teachers in shaping the future of the students, by inculcating them good values that would make them better citizen of India.

The Programme concluded up with the vote of thanks by Dr. Ram Kumar Gupta. He proffered sincere gratitude to Principal Ma’am for enriching us with suggestions and to Chief Guest, Shri H. P. Kain, for sparing valuable time from his busy schedule and to share his thoughts on Independence Day with faculty members, non-teaching staffs and students

Convener: Dr. Rakhee Chauhan (Department of Political Science)

On 24TH January 2020 Kalindi College celebrated 71st Republic day. Department of political science organized the programme, Principal of the college Dr. Anjula Bansal hoisted the Indian National Flag in the college premise and National anthem was sung by everyone. The music department presented patriotic songs. During the programme principal of the college addressed students, faculty and non-teaching staff, the principal made a brief speech on the importance of constitution and its preambles. The occasion was also used to pledge for exercising voting rights.