Medical Facility

Medical counselling
Coordinator: Dr. Kanchan Batra

College provides good medical facility to the students and staff. A well- equipped medical room is situated in TRI Block of the college. Dr. Rajshree Lal remains available for attending students and staff for their minor complaints on alternate days of the week i.e on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 1pm. Medical room remains open on all the working days of the week as nurse Ms. Rekha visit the college everyday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Medicines are purchased whenever required.

Infrastructure and equipments- stretcher cum bed, screen, wheel chair, sphygmomanometer, steamer, fridge, display board.

Educational and Personal counsellling
Convener: Dr. Shanuja Beri

The counselling facility aims to mobilize all the available resources of the college or home for satisfaction of the vocational, educational and socio-personal needs of the students. Its objective is also to help students develop, optimize and utilize their skills and correct the sources of their weaknesses and to improve the standard of education.

  • Counsellor Ms. Namrata Punia is available for 3 days a week , Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon. She is available in the Medical Room in the TRI Block.
  • Register of counseling is being maintained by the Counsellor
  • WUS form is available in the Office (AO) as well as is being made available on the website.
  • Six sanitary vending machines and two disposal units are available in the College premises.
  • Ms. Punia also visited the classrooms to appraise and create awareness of the presence of a counsellor and the guidance that can be provided by her for the students benefit. The students are also provided slots in their timetable to be able to visit the Counsellor with their problems.
  • The Faculty is also involved in counselling the students and a schedule of their availability is provided on website.
  • A workshop "Mental Health Workshop" was held on 5th November in Seminar Room, Kalindi College to address various stressful issues faced by the youth today. There were three sessions

    a 1st session: Dr. Paramjeet Singh "Mental Health and youth:: need of the hour

    b 2nd session: Mrs. Nikita Jain "Depression in the young and role of counselling/ talk therapy?

    c 3rd session: Dr. Sugandha Gupta: "Gender Sensitization"