Best Practices

Promotion of Pottery

Pottery Exhibition was organised by the Department of Journalism on 20th to 21st August 2019 to promote pottery and make the environment green. In this exhibition the student sold pots, Bottle and Cups made by the student of College and spread the message that if we want to save the nature, we should use the pottery and banned the plastic forever.

Promotion of Cleanliness drive

Eco Club organised Cleanliness drive on 16th September 2019, to spread the awareness about ‘Zero Garbage Concept’ in the College by motivating the students to keep their surroundings clean, through source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point. The notices and posters are put up to make a strong appeal to keep College Campus clean.

Vertical wall Garden : Sustainable approach by College in Urban Setup

The vertical garden bottle system project used all the waste bottles to create vertical base to grow plant along the wall of buildings. The green vertical wall will increase the green surface area of the College and hence it will be a great initiative taken by the College to make the Campus more eco-Friendly. It helps in keeping surrounding cool by absorbing heat in the summer days, beautify dead concrete wall, provides habitat to small animals and insects, debunking myths about fertilizers, prevent pollution and control unwanted outside noise. Students learnt about effective waste management and helped them to set up a similar wall garden at their homes.

Plantation of Air Purifying Plants

The incubation center of Kalindi College promotes the growing and selling the air purifying and medicinal plants such as Aloe vera, Areca Palm, Money plant, Tulsi through vegetative propagation of plants already present in the college.

Butterfly Conservatory

The students established the butterfly conservatory by planting more host and nectar plants to attract butterflies and a self-sustainable environment. As a result one new species “Forget me not” which were not visible earlier were observed in the conservatory. The project plays a major role in sensitizing the youth towards nature and channelizes their energy towards conserving the environment.

Paper Recycling Unit

The Paper Recycle Unit installed in our college campus utilizes the waste paper accumulated from various departments as raw material and prepared recycled paper which can be used for various purposes. The recycled paper prepared by the machine has been kept for various uses such as preparing posters, certificates etc. The paper recycled unit is presently running in good condition under the supervision of Eco Club. Moreover, we have also provided training to number of students to learn and operate the paper recycle unit.

Paper recycling activity at Paper Recycle Unit

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden plays an active role not only in academic and economical benefit, but also in ex-situ conservation of biodiversity. Kalindi College has put in efforts to transform every untouched nook and corner into green areas through the myriad shades of colour of plants and flowers. The floral fragrances boost the mood and provide an ambient environment for enhancing the creativity of youth. Our gardens have received various prestigious awards from time to time. Hard work of all the gardeners is commendable in maintaining such species and achieving the desired goals.

Solar System Project

The college has undertaken this project on the open roof top of the college building. The design, supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance are being done by Hero Solar Energy Pvt Ltd. The project is successfully generating 61 KWp in the college. This has reduced the power consumption in the college to a great extent.

Promotion of Rainwater Harvesting

NSS conducted an event named “Jal shakti abhiyaan” on 29th July,2019. The activities such as Plastic bottle rain water harvesting, Rally within college premises, ‘Thespian’ Play on water conservation, Poster making competition on the topic ‘Water Conservation’, Slogan writing competition with the theme “Every Drop Is Precious, Every Drop Counts” were also organized in the event.

Anti Fire crackers Campaign

During Deepawali, the air quality suffered due to burning of fire crackers. Therefore, Eco Club organized Anti Fire crackers Campaign in the college.