Intellectual property right awareness program

Intellectual property right awareness program held on 11th February 2022 at 11:00 am. It was organized by Ms. Mamta (Convenor), Dr. Meena Charanda (Coordinator, Journalism Department) and Dr. Vinita (Co- Coordinator, Journalism Department). In all 85 members participated in the event. The event began with a note of gratitude towards Prof. Naina Hasija (Principal, Kalindi College) for gracing the occasion. The moderator also thanked Journalism department coordinator, Dr. Meena Charanda and co-coordinator, Dr. Vinita Meena for their support. Moderator then welcomed and gave a brief introduction of the speaker(s), Mr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey (Senior Examiner of Trademark & Geographical Indicator); Mr. Rahul Dhakad (Senior Examiner of Patents & Designs); Dr. Lakshmi Meena (Examiner of Patents & Designs) and Dr. Vinita Suyal (Examiner of Patents & Designs).

Speakers present for the event enlightened students on varied segments of intellectual property rights and encouraged participants to acquaint and learn its fundamentals. The segments covered during the webinar were, patent; copyright; trademark and geographical indication. The speaker(s) concluded the session by interacting with the participants through quiz and discussing career opportunities in the field of intellectual property rights.