Exclusive Webinar Session on “Making of Short Film for OTT

On September 24, Aikyam, the B.A. Programme society and Department of Music organized an Exclusive Webinar Session on “Making of Short Film for OTT.”


The guest of this session, Ms. Geetanjali Singh, a naturopathist, Filmmaker, choreographer, and theater actor, an Alumni of Kalindi College, was welcomed wholeheartedly by all. After giving her speech, she conversed on various topics like long and close shots, post-production, publicity, explained concepts and terms like GRANITE, and later talked about how studying several subjects helped her in the journey of filmmaking.


The crucial session was open for all the students, and approximately 200 people were in attendance. During the webinar, attendees shared their opinions, thoughts and asked some interesting questions. Overall, the session was quite interactive and full of learning new things.


At the end of the session, the respected convenors of both the departments, Nivedita Giri and Renu Gupta, expressed their gratitude and thanked Ms. Geentanjali for giving her valuable inputs and making the session knowledgeable and informative.