Cyber Centre

Student’s Cyber Centre

The Cyber centre, inaugurated by Prof. Dinesh Singh, the Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, is well-connected with Delhi University Network via optical fibre with a speed of 4MBPS. It has 2 Servers, 1 Router, 8 switches and 120 computers.

Teacher’s Cyber Centre

In order to promote academic and research activities, the college has set up an exclusive cyber center for the teachers, adjoining the Student’s Cyber Centre, with about 35 computers, all connected through LAN and Internet. This air conditioned center is equipped with all the latest softwares, UPS, Printers, etc. and was inaugurated by Prof. Dinesh Singh, Hob’ble Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi.

Delhi University Subscribed 63 high quality electronic databases have been made available through campus network to teachers and students. In addition to these 21 more databases are also accessible through UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium. Open access e resources are also available through this campus wide network.

UGC Resource Center

It houses a new UGC resource network center which has 8 computers with the latest specifications for the purpose of research projects.