Cultural Fest – Lehren

Lehren , the inter college cultural festival of kalindi college started in 1993 . It was for the first time held on 18th, 20thand 21st January 1993. There on it has got so much of enthusiasm and publicity among students, that with every passing year it has grown bigger and better.

Lehren today is the most awaited function by the students in Kalindi. It gives a big platform for various talents of a student. There are different competitive events are a part of Lehren, some of them are listed below:

1. Group Dance 6. Rangoli 11. Quiz 16. Katha kahani 21. Debate
2. Mehendi 7. Just a Minute 12. Creative Writing 17. Dumbs day out 22. Tattoo Making
3. AD-Mag Show 8. Sanskrit Tarangini 13. Fashion Show 18. Antakshri 23. Face Painting
4. Collage Making 9. Group Song 14. Solo singing 19. Jwellery Making 24. One Act Play
5. Kavya Srishti 10. Street Play 15. Poster making 20. Poetry Recitation 25. Solo Dance