Kalindi College publishes its Annual Report, its students’ magazine, Pravah, and the annual Academic Journal. In addition, the Department of Journalism has been publishing its monthly newsletter “SENTENTIAS” and the Department of Political Science has undertaken to provide a voice to its students through its half-yearly newsletter “Grammar of Politics”. The first issue of Cameo, the online newsletter of the Department of English is under production and will see the light of day soon. The Sciences are also in the process of providing intellectual space to its students’ through their own platforms in the near future. Watch this space for more effervescent, exciting, youthful think-tanks saying a thing or two about the world soon.
The Annual Report is painstakingly produced, showcasing the activities in college, the achievements, both academic and extra-curricular, of students and teachers’ alike. A cursory glance at this year’s report is enough to convince anyone that the college takes the special care to cultivate a stage outside the classroom where students find avenues for all-round development. Teachers have been engaged strenuously in research and intellectual pursuits, as the report reveals.
The College Magazine had as its theme “Tolerance” and students penned their thoughts in Hindi, English and Sanskrit. What makes the magazine special this year is that students have managed to focus on the multifaceted meanings of ‘intolerance’ and explored a troubled experiential and intellectual question with sensitivity and verve.
The yearly Academic Journal became a refereed publication this year. The feedback was shared with the authors and they incorporated suggested changes in the manuscript making the process more rigorous yet satisfying. Lectures by guest visitors, papers presented by the college faculty elsewhere and research articles by latter were all incorporated. Articles in the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities depict the thrust being put on interdisciplinary research in the college.
“Sententias” reports on the college activities every month. Brought out by students of Journalism in colourful tones, it has presented efficiently and imaginatively day to day activities in the college.
“Grammar of Politics”, an initiative by the department of Political Science focussed on social issues such as reservation, women’s rights and education, to name a few, in its last issue. Observing and commenting on contemporary as well as age old issues, the effort has revealed the desire to be heard and make an impact on things that concern our society and nation.

Annual Report 2018-19