Special Cell

Equal Opportunity Cell

Convener: Dr. Anjani Kumar

The society and its members worked with full commitment to organize various events and activities for the benefit of ‘persons with different abilities’. This society is fully committed to provide friendly and supportive environment to the ‘persons with different abilities’.

Background of ‘differently able students

In this college, there are 5 students who are differently able and all of them are orthopedically handicapped. Keeping the idea of equal opportunity in mind, equal opportunity cell organized below mentioned programs, events and activities.

Works done and Student’s achievements

  • This society organized Awareness Program for differently able students on 13th March 2019 where Dr. Bipin Kumar Tiwari, Assistant Professor Department of Political Science, University of Delhi  and Dr. G.N. Karna ,Member NHRC, Government of India came in the college and shared his ideas and experiences with our students.
  • Our society has given support to some of the ‘differently able students’ of our college to participate at University Level Sports Competition which was organized by Equal Opportunity Cell, University of Delhi.
  • Some of our ‘differently able’ students have been continuously participating in various events and competitions at University and College Levels.

North East, Frontier and Foreign Students’ Cell

Nodal Officer: Ms. Manila Narzary

North-east, Frontier and Foreign students’ Cell of Kalindi College organized orientation program in August, 2018 for the newly admitted students coming from north eastern part of India. This program was also conducted for foreign students who are pursuing their degrees from this college. Students were given information about various courses, cells, committees and activities, to help them aware of the facilities and infrastructure provided by the college.

The objective of this event was to sensitize the students coming from different cultural background from India as well as across the globe. This would help them to have an amicable and conducive atmosphere in the campus leveraging equality, sensitivity towards other culture and promoting a sense of fraternity among the students as well as the faculty.

A workshop on sexual harassmentand legal awareness was conducted on 3rd November 2018 by legal expert Ms. Mini Saxena. Main objective of this workshop was to sensitize students and make them aware about the legal provisions to protect them particularly students coming from North Eastern region of the country and foreign students.

North East Cultural festival “Serendipity 2019” was organized on 6th March 2019. North East students from various colleges of Delhi University participated in dance and singing programme. Kalindi College North East Students also displayed their traditional costumes through fashion show. The outcome of the program saw an enormous appreciation by the students coming from these above mentioned regions. They got the opportunity to adopt and adapt to each other’s culture, lifestyle and much more. One of the unique points was that local students, too, got a platform to interact with them thereby extending hands of friendship. The faculty members, too, appreciated the move and were made also aware of their distinct culture, language and lifestyle.

SC/ST Cell

Convener: Dr. Meena Charanda, Co-convener: Dr. Rakhee

This is the first college in Delhi University to start the SC & ST Cell which was inaugurated by the Vice- Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Singh & Director – South Campus Dr. Umesh Rai in September 2015.This is one of the major achievements of Kalindi College.The cell started the first orientation programme for SC and ST students in which the below points were discussed for the welfare and upliftment of the reserved category students (SC & ST only).

  • Problems related to curriculum and Time Table were discussed.
  • Awareness created on the new Hostel created for SC & ST Students in Dilshad Garden, admission Forms downloaded and distributed among these students for easy facilitation of admission to these hostels. This was for non-resident students of Delhi.
  • The students were briefed on the exemption from payment of Tuition Fees and Admission Fees whose parents were not Income Tax payers.
  • The students were also briefed on the various Scholarships available to them so that they could help avail the scholarship they were eligible for.
  • Counseling was done with the students to help them overcome inferiority complex related to interaction with fellow students and personal grooming, etc.
  • Assurance was given to the students on proper support to tackle any problems being faced by them on a one to one personal interaction.

Briefed on the course of activities which were to be conducted during the academic session like visit to Parliament & Awareness Workshops, etc. 

Invited talk on “Legal Awareness for SC/ST students” by Supreme Court Lawyer.

Organized National Youth Parliament Competition under SC /ST cell sponsored by Ministry of Parliamentary affairs, Govt. of India 2017-18 on 26th Oct 2018 .

This cell would cater to the needs of SC & ST students, Teachers and non Teaching Staff and work towards the welfare and upliftment of these students, teachers and non teaching staff.