Anti-Ragging Committee

Convener: Dr. Anjula Bansal, Co-convener: Dr. Sudha Gulati

Kalindi College has taken several steps to stop ragging within and outside the college and near college premises like ‘Bus Stop’, ‘Metro Station’, etc. During orientation programme held on 19th July, 2017, all the freshers were informed in detail about ragging as well as strict punishment against the students involved in ragging.
Freshers were also informed about contact numbers and e-mail of Anti-Ragging Committee members to report about any ragging activity in the college to the committee members. Several teams of teachers went on a round in the college during college hours to check ragging activities. Strict decisions were taken by anti-ragging committee to curb this offence. Wherein the students involved in ragging were to be punished, rusticated and even expelled for a specific term as per decision of the Principal and University guidelines. Several notice boards were fixed in the college at prominent places stating punishment for ragging as per ordinance XV-C. No ragging case has been reported by anyone this year. The college has submitted a report regarding anti- ragging to the university.

Anti-Tobacco Committee

Convener: Dr. Punam Tyagi

Kalindi College takes pride in the fact that our college campus is a smoke-free campus. Use and sale of tobacco products within college premises and in its vicinity is strictly prohibited. In an effort to keep our campus free from smoking and use of tobacco and related products, sensitization programmes in the form of lectures and seminars, display of banners and posters, nukkadnatak etc. are organized to spread awareness among students and staff about adverse effects of consumption of tobacco in any form. Moreover, the University has empowered the nodal officer to impose a fine of up to Rs. 500 on violators with effect from the academic session 2018-19