Social Responsibility Cell

Convener: Ms. Indu Choudhary                        

Members: Ms. Sonia Kamboj (NSS), Ms. Manila Narzary (NCC)

Student Coordinator: Tanisha Chaudhary B.A (Hons) Economics II year

Student Co- coordinator: Anya Sharma B.A (Hons) Economics II year

Enactus Kalindi, operative since 2017, aims at eradicating various social issues which weaken the foundation of our country, also it aims at empowering each and every community of our country. ‘Enactus Kalindi’ in association with Social responsibility Cell (SRC) of our college commenced its first project named as REHMAT – which means BLESSINGS, which we shower upon the manual scavenging community by rehabilitating them to another profession by imparting different kind of skills to them. Project Rehmat has a mission to create a nation where a person does not die for a living. Manual scavengers across the nation remove human and animal excreta from the streets and dry latrine, cleaning septic tanks, sewers and gutters. This inhuman occupation has been banned by the constitution for the past 13 years but it is still being practiced on a large scale. Earlier, by doing an illegal and dehumanizing act they faced several dignity issues and because of which, they hesitated to talk to other people. This was the biggest challenge for us to talk to them and convince them to unfollow this practice and adopt a new profession. For this we provide them KIT JEEVAN which includes basic necessities required for entering into a sewer on a 3 months basis and during this period they also get an opportunity to learn a new skill and rehabilitate to a different profession such as employing those manual scavengers in factories as skilled labour.

We have been able to rehabilitate 12 manual scavengers. We have targeted the women of scavenging community by converting them to self-sustained entrepreneurs, engaging them into the business of soap making. We have been able to create 3 women entrepreneurs from that community last year but now we have added 9 more women in the same category.

In 2018, Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) came up with a new project named WERAN. It aims at the upliftment of farming community by educating them about the new and organic farming practices which they weren’t aware about. Through this project we have targeted both men and women of farming community by empowering and creating awareness among them about the current scenario prevailing in the country. Also, we aimed at increasing their incomes by making them aware about feasible farming practices and alert them about the vicious cycle of intermediaries or middlemen. It will also be a difficult task to convince farmers of the identified areas to work towards the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables and the abolishment of intermediaries and setting up a direct connection with the customers.


‘Enactus Kalindi’ participated in the biggest competition of Enactus India, Enactus National Championship 2018 and secured 4th position, winning league 1. The Enactus National Championship 2018 witnessed participation of 98 teams from different parts of India.

In 2019, we have presented REHMAT in the Kamla Nehru College in Commcentric- the commerce association and also in Rotaract event of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce and secured second position in both the events.

We have also participated in the campaign STOP KILLING US headed by Mr. Bezwada Wilson, who is working towards complete eradication of manual scavenging.

Enactus Kalindi also participated in case study competition at Sulabh International- museum of toilets and also showcase the soaps made by our created women entrepreneurs in the event.


In Rehmat, we aim at increasing our production of soaps and creating more and more women entrepreneurs and rehabilitating more manual scavengers and thus save more lives.

In Weran, we aim at converting the women entrepreneurs of farming community by engaging them in the business of making pickles and jams.